Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spring Flashback... I want Spring to get here!!!! I was just looking over last years spring photos and came upon 2 of my favorites. We had a little bit of a dandelion problem in our backyard, and Brody was helping his daddy by picking them! He also had a cute is he????

I've been neglecting my blog a little bit, because SOMEONE introduced me to facebook!!!! I'll try to do better...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Best Buds...

This is a picture my aunt took from Christmas. I can't tell you how much Brody LOVES to play with his cousin Aaron. Aaron keeps him busy all day long when they play together.
At this very moment Brody is sitting on my lap looking at this picture repeating "Look Mommy, it's Aaron.....can we go 'pway' with him. Look Mommy, it's Aaron....can we go 'pway' with him." And what's funny is that I can remember when Aaron was Brody's age and wanting all of us to play with him.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


So being the avid Dancing with the Stars viewer and fans, my friend, Sandi, and I decided to take it all in...LIVE @ the Sprint Center last night!

BUT....probably the highlight of the night was going to "The Record Bar" in Westport to see Mark Ballas and Derek Hough perform with their band after the DWTS concert! And if you're not familiar with whose these guys are....first of all, shame on you....but they are 2 of the professionals from Dancing with the Stars. Actually Mark and Kristi Yamaguchi won 2 seasons ago and Derek and Brooke Burke just won this past season. Pretty cool...

Arica, Derek, Sandi

Sandi, Mark, Arica

We also got a picture with Maurice Green, who was Cheryl Burke's partner last season. Maurice actually sat down at our table for a quick "chit-chat" before leaving the bar to catch the tour bus! Before we left the bar we had a fairly long conversation with Derek about random stuff on DWTS, her girlfriend (Shannon Elizabeth), him being sick a couple weeks ago, on whether or not he'll be on the next season....all kinds of good stuff! Sandi...thanks for going with me...good times!

Sandi, Maurice, Arica

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Holiday Highlights...

Well, here are just a few highlights from our Christmas holidays. We did have a slight BUMP in the road.....we spent Christmas Eve in the Emergency Room! Pat's mom came up to share Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with us and Brody had just finished leaving Santa his milk and cookies....when he tripped and hit his head on our rock fireplace...UGH!!!! We knew immediately he was going to needs a few stitches, so we cleaned him up (head injuries seem to bleed FOREVER) and we headed to the ER. One of his bears (that he totes everywhere) got a little blood on it, so we put a band-aid on bear and took him too! The nurse let him watch Pinocchio and gave him a popsicle after he was all Brody was ready to go back to the hospital the next day!!! But he's good now, got the stitches out on New Year's Eve, let's hope it will be a while until we make that trip again!

Anyway, on to the pics.... my sister has this picture up too, but I just thought it was too here it is again!

Family shot....not too bad for 5 kids staring at a red blinking light!
This was pre-stitches....looking through the bags!