Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chiefs Game...

Well, Grammy Kris came to visit this weekend so we thought.....why not take her and Brody to their very 1st Chief's game! And did we pick a good one......they WON!! To Denver, no less! Great game....except it was H-O-T!

We had GREAT seats....Brody wasn't sure about the noise level in Arrowhead Stadium...scared him a little....Chiefs fans are CRAZY!

This is a picture of their 1st touchdown of the day....Go Larry!
Me and my baby boy! We had a fun, busy, exciting weekend!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tiger Bike Night 2008

Last Friday night was "Bike Night" at the Tiger's football game. For those of you who are not from Clay Center.....a HUGE group of "Bikers" gather before the game to support the Tigers and help to get them geared up for the game. My mom and dad enjoy being apart of this event every year. (I shot a video of them, but every time I upload it, it turns it sideways on me....any suggestions on how to fix it?)

Brody loved seeing all the motorcycles go by and kept saying "Rrrrmmm, Rrrmmm!"


Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Chase Me Daddy"

This is Brody's favorite game to play! "Chase Me Daddy" is what Pat hears the minute he gets home from work!

We haven't had much going on since Labor Day, I must mention, we received the 1st place finish in the Annual Palmer Slow-Pitch Softball Tournament. Yea, go Jerry's Juicers! Thanks to Stacie and Barrett for asking us to play. Once I get the the team picture, I'll be sure to post it (hint, hint Stacie or Kristin!!)