Monday, August 30, 2010

look what I'm doing...

Jett Patrick at almost 6 months

Monday, August 16, 2010

me and my boys

We've been really busy lately and the summer seemed to fly by, so when the weather cooled down a little (cooled down, as in lower 90s, seems weird to say) me and the boys took some time to enjoy a nearby park. Jett is 5 months old now. Here's what he's up to nowadays....rolling over all the time...I put him down on his back and he immediately rolls to his tummy, but hasn't mastered rolling back over, so he gets frustrated until someone comes to the rescue. Talks a ton, more like high pitched squeals, so funny! Still no binky, I've tried a few different kinds, and then finally gave up, he prefers to stuff his entire hand in his mouth to suck on.
Brody's had a lot of fun this summer with his preschool's summer camp. They took 5 field trips, Deanna Rose, Beanstalk Garden, Bowling, Pump it Up, and T-Rex restaurant. They got to ride the school bus and sing songs on the way. Brody's been to 3 Royals game so far this year with his daddy....I joined them to see the Royals play the Yankees. (Sadly, there seemed to be more Yankee fans at the game then Royals fans)
my boys...
Big brother pushing little brother