Saturday, December 19, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy, 30!

Happy 30th Birthday, Patrick! Ahhhh....such a cute cowboy!Shout out to my big bro, Allen, Happy Birthday to you also!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Disney on Ice!

Mom and Dad took all of us to see "Disney on Ice" over Thanksgiving weekend! The kids loved it....thanks Grandpa and Grandma!
Brody's favorite act was Toy Story with Buzz Lightyear and Woody
I think it was Easton's also...

We started Brody in swimming lessions at the YMCA during the winter! He's in a group of 5 kiddos around the same age and loves it! Here he is swimming with Miss Shelby, his swim teacher.

His painful "CHEESE" smile!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009


You really can't tell from the above picture...but the countertops we had before were ivoryish with brown leafy things all over them! I know. Whatcha think?

Friday, October 30, 2009

4 years ago....

......this happened! (well, 4 years ago yesterday)
Thank you, honey, for 4 great years! Almost 10 years together, 4 different homes, 3 different towns, and 2 boys! (It's weird to say 2 boys now, instead of one!!) LOVE YOU!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall Fun...

Playing in the leaves...Jumpin' in the leaves...
A couple weekends ago, the 1st NASCAR race of the season was at the Kansas Speedway, so it was fun to see a few of the cars up close! Here is Brooklyn, me, and Brody!I had my 10 year class reunion a few weekends ago...good times! (Wow, I'm old!) Homecoming Friday night, Piotique on Saturday, Dinner that evening. Go class of '99!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Flag Football & Dentist

Brody starting flag football last week. His first game is tomorrow night. Daddy is the coach and I must say....has WAY more patience teaching 3 & 4 yr olds football than I thought. Brody favorite position is running back. (Because he says he's faster than everyone else...geez....tell us how you really feel Brody) haha. Go Tigers!

Brody also had his first dentist appointment. He did great! Here he is with Dr. Matt.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Baby Hayes #2

Due date March 14!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Summer T-Ball

Brody had a great time this summer playing T-Ball. Pat and I coached his lil team and it was so much fun....HOT, but fun! Flag football starts in 2 weeks......

Friday, August 21, 2009

Big Green Tractor...She's Country

Brody's new obsessions.....singing these songs in the car, in the house, on the playground, even to his teachers/friends at preschool!

(And sorry about having to turn your head to the was right side up when I edited it)

First up....Brody's version of "Big Green Tractor" (warning....dizziness may occur)

Next up...Brody's version of "She's Country"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Saying Goodbye...

We said goodbye to Pat's Grandma Ethel, a couple weeks ago. It's always sad to say goodbye, but we know she's happy and peaceful in heaven. The memories that I have of Grandma Ethel are playing pitch at family events....laughing with her because her laugh is sooooo contagious, and listening to stories about her life. Her gifts were always amusing because we never knew what we would get, usually something she finds lying around her house, that has never been used. Funny. We will miss her....I'm so glad she was able to come to Brody's 3rd birthday party and see our house...because we knew our time with her would soon be over.

This was her senior picture....I think is was taken in 1941. She was 18. So beautiful!

The picture below was taken last August at Grandma's 85th birthday.
I never had a chance to meet Pat's Grandpa Ed....but it feels like I did. I hear so much about him. And wish I could have met him. It was thundering/lightning at Grandma Ethel's burial service, and Pat and his family said that was probably Ed and Ethel bickering back and forth at each other again! It's nice to know they are back together again!

We miss you both!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Royals Game...

We took Brody to another Royals game....the last time we took him was when we was only 18 months ago (I think) so this time was a whole new "ballgame" to speak!!

We were on the jumbo-tron during the "Smile Cam!" Our friend Beth took this picture for us!
We took Brody back by the fountains and new kid-friendly area of Kauffman stadium! If you haven't seen the new stadium after all the renovations...holy cow, go check it out!
Above is my boys watching the game from right next to the fountains...

Here's Brody reachin' for George Brett.....maybe Brody's statue will join George's someday at the K!!!!! haha....hey, a mom can dream, right?

Finally, we made it to the Little K! They let kids hit the ball a few times and run the bases!
Good times! Happy 30th Birthday Trav, we had a great time!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Wheat Harvest 2009

Well, here we are again....wheat harvest! We went back again to help out....Brody loved it! The older he gets the more he understands......however, he still has this fascination with SWATHERS (oh yeah, thats the first thing he would like to ride when we go back to my was the story of the century when the swather had a flat tire, I think he went up to the shed to visit it a handful of times while waiting for it to be fixed) Anywho.....this trip was all about the combine!
The picture below, first of all is ADORABLE, but he was following "Crappa" around while he serviced and oiled up the combine before starting the day.
Daddy and Brody in the wheat it!

something about this picture below....just makes me thank God for growing up on a farm and for the opportunity to share the memories that I grew up making with my family and making even more memories
playing in the dirt at the field
The pic below.....what can I say....makes me smile every single time I look at it. I can just hear Brody saying "Wait for me Crappa, what are you doing Crappa, why are you doing that Crappa, can I help?"

Brody helping Grandma water her flowers
Beautiful sunset after a great day of harvest

Monday, June 22, 2009

Wiffle-Ball Tourney

We spent this past weekend at the 7th Annual Brian Arellano Wiffle-Ball Tournament. Brian's family have put this tournament together every June in his honor since 2003. Tons and tons of people come to this event every year to have a great time with family and friends and mostly to honor the memory of Brian.

We also had time to do some swimming at Pat's Aunt Julie's pool! Brody LOVES going off the board....he would do it all day long if we let him!! That's Pat's cousin, Jeremy, and his little boy Kolten in the background. We had a great time!

This picture was taken a few weekends ago at the T-bones game. Aren't my boys so CUTE!?!?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Honeybees & Panda Bears

Brody had his year-end Honeybees program at Church last here's a video of him singing "I'm a Happy, buzz, buzz!" (He's the one close to the teacher with plaid shorts on)

And Brody had his last soccer game last night! Grandma & Crappa even came to watch the Panda Bears. Brody's next season work on going just for the soccer ball & not so much on who he's going to "accidently" knock down next.

Pat and I had a great time coaching the Panda Bears....and, HEY, I even learned a little about soccer! Go figure...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Taking you back...

I posted a few pictures on Facebook in honor of my lovely sister turning I thought I would share this picture of the 3 of us back in.....oh it was probably 1982, I think!
I remember that chair so vividly, plus we had a couch that matched!!!!! Oh yeah!
Just a little update on big man Brody....preschool is going really well, he comes home singing songs about the days of the week, the months of the year, it's darling! He is finally catching on to some of the kids' names, it seems that his new "best friend" is Clayton, he also have a twin brother in the same class, but the teacher says Brody knows exactly which one is Clayton. Brody has his first "Honeybee" program at church next Wednesday...they practiced last Wednesday and Brody came home excited to tell me the Bible verse he gets to say is "Love one another... John 15:12" so hopefully I'll get some pictures of that. And lastly, Brody had a soccer game last night and did really well...he went after the ball the whole time but shoved a few kids along the we'll work on that! Have a good weekend!