Thursday, April 30, 2009


Our vacation was so much I am so excited to show you all a few pictures from Mexico!
Above in order: Allen, Sinead, Kory, Ann, Patrick, me, Jerod, Amy, Luke, & Amber

The 10 of us
Above is one of the lounge pools.

My bro and sis!!!
Thanks "fam" for making this trip a BLAST! And thanks to my mom and dad for taking such good care of Brody while we were gone. Sounds like he had a blast and can't stop talking about the farm. He asked me this morning "Can I go back to Gramma's and Crappa's?" He loved it! (And "GG"...he said he will try to pay more attention when he goes potty!)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

new deck...

Spring deck!
Dane and Pat hard at work...or hardly working? Hmmm.
another view
The floor is on...
Railing step, adding stairs and skirting!

It's my party...

Here are some pics mostly from Brody's birthday party. Grammy Kris came up a week earlier and celebrated his birthday with him a little earlier.

Here are Brody and his cousins enjoying his new trampoline!
Caleb, Alyssa (babysitter), Aunt Julie, cousins Erica and Braedon
cupcake time!
After his blew out his candles...
with Julie and Grammy Kris in the background...the kids help Brody open his presents...
Morgan, Easton, Addi, Erin, Brody, Brooklyn, and Keara with bubbles...

Monday, April 13, 2009

He's 3! Here's a FLASHBACK...

Brody's 3!!! (Well to be specific...he'll be 3 at exactly 9:01 p.m.)
Daddy and Brody in the hospital....he weighed in at 7lbs 14ounces.

1st day home

At about 7 months old after bathtime!
I've always loved this picture of him and his big ol' smile!

1st birthday

2nd birthday (sorry it's blurry)And this was taken last Saturday at his 3rd birthday party! Doesn't he look so old?!


Today gets me thinking about when Brody was a baby and his daddy and I weren't getting much sleep! We were sleep deprived parents learning how to deal with a brand new baby and making mistakes left and right but one thing was certain...he was (and always will be) LOVED! I'm sitting here, with tears in my eyes, because I know that my baby is growing up, and it feels like yesterday that he was sitting in that wicker chair from the picture above! He's 3 now! Don't you think he needs a little brother or sister? We'll work on that :)
Happy Birthday Buddy!